We asked to hear your embarrassing first period stories. Everyone experiences awkward moments on their period, so when it happens, all you can do is laugh!

Getting your period for the first time can feel like a serious ‘oh-no’ situation. We reached out to hear all about your embarrassing first period stories, and you didn’t disappoint! We laughed and even felt a little second-hand embarrassment for you. Mostly, we felt relieved to know everyone experiences awkward moments on their period. It’s totally normal to have an ‘oh-no’ moment, so when it happens, all you have to do is laugh – or check out these stories to make yourself feel better!

Camp calamity

“At camp one summer, an older male counsellor (who I had a crush on) came up to me and was like ‘I think you sat in mud.’ I was like ‘oh really?’ Went to the bathroom and it was my period leaking – and it was definitely not brown. He probably was just trying to not embarrass me, which is nice of him, but ya I was embarrassed. Now I just think it was funny though, lol.”

Menstrual moodswing

“When I first got my period, we were on our way to drop my friend off at her grandparents to go to the airport. I was cranky and didn’t talk a lot. She probably thought I was mad. I got home, went to the bathroom, and sure enough – I got my period. I told my mom, then texted my friend to say I was sorry and why I was cranky.”

Dance distraction

“I was at a dance competition and, of course, was wearing a pretty white $700 lyrical solo costume. I’d been dancing and had just finished. After the awards, someone noticed a red dot on my skirt, so I went to the restroom to check it out. It was blood. Turns out my period started during the dance competition!”

Red shorts to the rescue

“Mine started during my first varsity basketball game in middle school. Luckily, my team had red shorts.”

Period party

“I was at my cousin’s birthday party and I had to go to the bathroom, but by the time I went, the blood stain was dried and brown. I thought I had crapped my pants! I called my mom into the bathroom and she had to explain to me what happened. She left so I could clean up and when I walked out, what was supposed to be a birthday party for my cousin turned into a period party for me because my mom had told everyone.”

Coffee coverup

“I got my period while I was at a birthday party. I was climbing a tree with white jeans on and taking artsy pictures with my friends. As I was climbing, all my friends noticed I had brown/red stains all over my pants. I tried to pass it off as coffee – but no one was convinced! Yep, I had to delete the artsy pics too.”

See, we all go through it! At the time, getting your first period can feel gross, awkward, or mortifying. But you can guarantee you’re not the only one it’s happened to. And with time, you’ll see it’s not that big a deal.

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