What is period underwear and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know about period underwear and how it could improve your day-to-day life.

What is period underwear?

There is a wide range of products to choose from when it comes to dealing with your period. Some people are insanely loyal to pads or tampons, while others swear by menstrual cups. A relatively new option on the market is period underwear, a functional and fashionable addition to your monthly flow.

We toss on a pair of underwear nearly everyday (at least most of us do) so period underwear is a great option that doesn’t switch up your routine. You can slide on a pair of underwear like you normally would but now you’ll have some panties that trap moisture and stop leaks in their tracks. If you’re still super loyal to your favorite brand of tampons, fear not – period underwear is generally designed to be used as a backup to your usual menstrual products, to prevent against excess leakage.

Most period underwear functions in the same way: the gusset of the underwear (the panel of fabric between your legs) has a layer combination of special fabric designed to pull liquid away from the body and trap it inside the underwear, keeping it from leaking out onto your clothing. While regular underwear will have one to two layers in the gusset, period underwear features multiple layers to keep menstrual blood, bladder leaks or other liquid in.

The history of period panties

The specific materials used in period underwear today are a new innovation, however the concept behind period panties goes back over 40 years. In 1967, a patent for a ‘protective petticoat’ was issued – this undergarment was constructed with a ‘moisture-proof’ material, designed to protect outer clothing from being stained. In 1988, a patent for ‘women menstruation underpants’ was issued to a Chinese company, which included two layers of fabric sewn to the gusset of a pair of underwear, lined with ‘non-toxic, flexible plastic film.’ In 1995 another Chinese company patented the term ‘clean-keeping women undergarment,’ which included a leakproof liner.

Why do you need these undies?

Period stains are nothing to be ashamed of, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop ruining your cute undies? Period leaks are a huge source of stress for anyone who menstruates, but especially for teenage girls – that’s why we created these amazing pair of underwear.

Once you’ve worn a pair of our Stain Free Period Underwear you’ll never want to wear anything else while Aunt Flo is in town. Need more convincing? Let’s get into why our awesome undies than traditional underwear during your period.

Absorbent Sweat-Wicking Odor-Crushing Seamless Antimicrobial
TeenHub’s Stain Free
Traditional Underwear 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
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Ease of use

These undies are great during your monthly cycle, but also great for bladder leaks, discharge and sweat. I personally love to wear my Stain Proof Underwear when I work out because it quickly wicks away my sweat and keeps me smelling fresh because let’s get real – it’s not always odor-free down there!

That all sounds great, but how do you wash period underwear? Undies are machine-washable. Once you’re done wearing them, simply toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothing and hang to dry. While my period underwear has never stained any of my other clothing in the wash, I can understand why this would be a point of concern. If you’re worried about blood from your undies coming off on your clothing, give the period panties a quick rinse before putting them in the wash.


Our underwear is seamless unlike most traditional underwear and our competitors. This allows you to wear our undies under leggings, jeans, dresses – whatever you want. Our underwear also has a velvet flocking on the outer edges to make sure the undies stay put, keep any unwanted leaks locked in.

Everyone has a specific fit they like when it comes to underwear. To give you some options, we created our underwear in a bikini and boyshort cut. Our two cuts come in black and beige, so you can wear them underneath just about anything.

How much does period underwear cost?

Companies like Thinx and Dear Kate charge $30 USD or more for one pair of their period underwear. At Teenhub, we only charge $15.99 and we offer a bundle option so you can save up to 20% per pair if you buy multiple pair of our period panties.